Chaining Wireguard VPN to OpenVPN

Categories: OpenVPN, Wireguard

What ? We want Wireguard clients to connect to a middleman box that will route out to the internet via an OpenVPN client. Why ? Some of our sites have poor performance to the OpenVPN server. Wireguard clients are more seamless and battery/resource saving on mobile devices. We have a Wireguard server in a datacenter … Read More

Fail2Ban 0.8.x and OpenVPN 2.4.x – correctly detecting OpenVPN brute force attempts in FreePBX 14

Categories: FreePBX, OpenVPN

Issue: On an install of FreePBX 14 with responsive firewall and OpenVPN server enabled there is no mitigation against brute force attacks against the OpenVPN server. /var/log/messages is getting spammed with failed handshakes: Feb 3 16:17:19 voipserver234 openvpn: Sun Feb 3 16:17:19 2019 103.37.x.x:49060 TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET]103.37.x.x:49060, sid=6a22eb44 5adb63fe Feb 3 16:17:19 voipserver234 … Read More