OPNsense vs. pfSense in 2021 – a wild ride

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This is like an Apple vs. Microsoft / BMW vs. Mercedes / Coke vs. Pepsi thing.

First off let me clarify I am by default in the pfSense camp. We used their hardware and software at my old job, we are using some in my current job and when I moonlight as a consultant I have placed a bunch of them where it made sense. I travel with an SG-1100, I run pfSense at home and placed some SG-3100 with family and friends. I am a fan. I am biased.

But a lot has happened this year that made me look at OPNsense again.

I thought this would be a quick comparison. 3 paragraphs, come up with a succinct conclusion and hit that “Publish” button in WordPress but alas it is frustratingly difficult to pick one over the other.

I ended up with a wall of text draft that nobody would find valuable so instead I am going to break it down into bite-sized segments and refer to them in some sort of master post that I will keep editing.


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