OPNsense vs. pfSense in 2021 – Index

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Round 1 – WireGuard. Tally: OPNsense 1 : pfSense 0

Round 2 – OpenVPN. Tally: OPNsense 1 : pfSense 1

Round 3 – Backups. Tally: OPNsense 2 : pfSense 1

Round 4 – GUI. Tally: OPNsense 3 : pfSense 1

Round 5 – BGP Routing. Tally: OPNsense 3 : pfSense 2

Round 6 – Notifications. Tally: OPNsense 3 : pfSense 3

Round 7 – Versatility and plugins. Tally: OPNsense 4 : pfSense 4. It’s a tie depending on use case.

Round 8 – Installation. Tally: OPNSense 5 : pfSense 4.

  • So what is your final verdict between the 2? I’ve been using both of them for a long time and I keep bouncing between them like it’s a Linux distro hopping.

  • Thx for the comparo. Very useful to me as I am researching what software to use for a new (both for myself and for the company) BGP router implementation. It is a simple (we are a smallish cloud provider but we use fairly big pipes) deployment to provide redundancy in our internet connections, and I am learning as I go. To me it looks like pfsense is the clear decision here since my priority is BGP in this use case, and I have been a pfsense user for over a decade. Amazingly I just learned about opnsense in the last month while researching BGP!

    • OPNsense have since merged a few PR to make their FRR BGP plugin more useful but IMO it is still broken as far as our use case. Still riding on pfSense as of June 2022.

  • Page 7 of the comparison is missing currently. Wasn’t when I first checked months ago. Could it be restored? Thanks.

    • It’s missing indeed. And I never finished writing this up – COVID created Chaos at work and I was sort of last man standing for a couple of months. I will try and conclude this series.

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