OPNsense vs. pfSense Round 6: Notifications

Categories: OPNsense, pfSense

This is an easy one.



Since 2.5.x has Telegram bot and Pushover API capbilities along with the trusty old SMTP. They work reliably for us in all cases. And for low volume both are free to use. Albeit pushover will charge a nominal fee for their mobile apps but it is basically free. User has no control over severity or notification categories. It is either on or off.


Have Monit built in. Allows for granular control over what notifies and where. But the transmission channel is SMPT only.



Point goes to OPNsense. pfSense have cooler notification channels but you can’t fine tune it out of the box. OPNsense only do SMPT but you can fine tune who gets what alert when courtesy of Monit which also has better Watchdog features than pfSense’s Service Watchdog.




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