OPNsense vs. pfSense Round 1: WireGuard

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This is an issue that no doubt has brought many people to look at OPNsense again or for the first time. WireGuard has enjoyed increasing popularity in the last year or so. Due to its stateless nature it performs really well on mobile devices that may switch between LTE, 5G, WiFi networks. There is no … Read More

OPNsense vs. pfSense in 2021 – Index

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Round 1 – WireGuard. Tally: OPNsense 1 : pfSense 0 Round 2 – OpenVPN. Tally: OPNsense 1 : pfSense 1 Round 3 – Backups. Tally: OPNsense 2 : pfSense 1 Round 4 – GUI. Tally: OPNsense 3 : pfSense 1 Round 5 – BGP Routing. Tally: OPNsense 3 : pfSense 2 Round 6 – Notifications. … Read More

OPNsense vs. pfSense in 2021 – a wild ride

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This is like an Apple vs. Microsoft / BMW vs. Mercedes / Coke vs. Pepsi thing. First off let me clarify I am by default in the pfSense camp. We used their hardware and software at my old job, we are using some in my current job and when I moonlight as a consultant I … Read More

Chaining Wireguard VPN to OpenVPN

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What ? We want Wireguard clients to connect to a middleman box that will route out to the internet via an OpenVPN client. Why ? Some of our sites have poor performance to the OpenVPN server. Wireguard clients are more seamless and battery/resource saving on mobile devices. We have a Wireguard server in a datacenter … Read More

Netgate SG-2100 – new pfSense router leaked

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It seems the rumors were true! Netgate are teasing a new device in. Presumably beefier than the entry-level SG-1100 but less pricey than the SG-3100 ? We will find out soon. Leaked Netgate pfSense SG-2100 specs: • CPU: Marvell Armada 3720 (88F3720) ARMv8-A 64-bit Cortex A53 @ 1.2GHz with NEON SIMD and FPU • CPU … Read More

Windows Defender detects Ubuntu 20.04’s jq package – false positive Trojan:Win32/Casdet!rfn

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-bash: /usr/bin/jq: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error (23) Failed writing body Windows 10 20.04 build 19041.450 Security Intelligence Version 1.321.1943.0 False positive. Detects signed jq bin from Ubuntu focal repo as Trojan:Win32/Casdet!rfn Edit: Several other AV Engines also hit on it. Edit 25 Aug 2020: Microsoft accepted false positive report and “fixed” it … Read More